Tundrastomper -- O [Cassette, CD]

7/7/17 · SAD035

Tundrastomper is four childhood friends who live in western Mass and love it. They follow in the DIY tradition of writing, performing, and recording unconventional music in conventional basements. Their new album, "O," plops you into circular chord progressions that develop into full-blown trances, eliminating the sense of beginning and end. The record includes collaborations with Northampton jazz singer Kimaya Diggs on "Piles and Piles," guitarist and vocalist Brittany Brideau of Hot Dirt, and Superteen's Meryl Schultz and Jackson Martel. The album will be available on July 7th, with the release show on July 6th at Sierra Grille in Northampton.

Trophy Dad -- Dogman [Cassette]


unbelievably catchy songs about what its like to exist when the world is unpromising but also promising

Bucket -- Bouquet [Cassette, CD]


skronky pinwheels that cover topics like the rise of neoliberalism and the downfall of ethical living

Mothpuppy -- Cool & Pretty [Cassette]


cool & pretty, baltimore-based mothpuppy's first full length album is a cool blend of sad disco, picnic rock, and wrenching tunes.

Spew -- Only The Worst [Cassette]


"the duo's technical ability is unquestionably phenomenal but it's their destructive spirit that really shines in only the worst of ways"

Double Grave -- New Year's Daydream [12"]


new year's daydream is the smashing debut lp from minneapolis' double grave (formerly ego death).

Fern Mayo -- Hex Signs [Cassette]


fern mayo's essential ep "hex signs" along with a new bonus track "ss ari". beyond fantastic

floral print -- Woo [Cassette]


woo is a physical collection of all of the digitally released floral print songs.

Ideal Husband -- Beep Beep [Digital]


the first solo record from superteen's jackson martel. beep beep, goo goo ga ga.

Darkturn -- Maw [Cassette]


the first sad cactus album from chicago/brooklyn's darkturn. wild gems

Vishnu Basement -- Bulb [Cassette, CD]


the second record from vishnu basement, the opus?

Rita Fishbone -- Spilt Milk [Cassette] [1x repress]


montclair, nj's rita fishbone blend dark math with hard pop, very great.

Big Fred -- <3pals<3 [Cassette] [1x repress]


the first record from rochester ny's big fred. the best scuzz around.

Off Drugs -- On One [Cassette]


off drugs may rise again, currently on hiatus. great music.

Fake Boyfriend -- Mercy [Cassette] [1x repress]


fake boyfriend was an excellent band from philly

Quarrels -- Admit [Cassette, CD]


boston, ma's quarrels shred on this, their first proper full length.

Abi Reimold -- Wriggling [Cassette, CD] [CS 1x repress]


the first full length from abi reimold, philadelphia's number one rock star.

SUPERTEEN -- Isn't A Person [Cassette]


the third full length from superteen. the wildest yet.

Aural Burrows -- Nonsense Verse [Cassette]


the first full-band record from aural burrows

Pre-Willy -- Gin and Coupons [Cassette]


the first album from beacon ny's pre-willy. very groovy.

Evil Wizardry -- Crossed In Space [Cassette] [1x repress]


the first album for sad cactus from utica, ny's evil wizardry. excellent.

Self and Other -- S/T [Cassette] [1x repress]


the first album from new paltz, ny's self and other

SUPERTEEN -- Stay Creepy [Cassette, CD]


the second full length from superteen; very creepy

Whitewash -- Shibboleth [Cassette]


whitewash was a nyu band

Palm -- Samples [Cassette] [4x repress]


a collection of the first two ep's + a new track from hudson, ny's palm