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EIEIEIO / Gorgeous Split SAD063

Gorgeous (NYC) and Eieieio (Hadley, MA) have teamed up for the split event of the year! We're thrilled to be working on this project, a collaboration between two extraordinary bands who have brought phenomenal material to the table. Do not miss on these 18:30 of raw rock and roll!

This split is being released on a limited edition extremely rare tape, a gold glitter shell with a 7-panel j-card, with amazing art done by Sara Kochanski.

Gorgeous released their debut record "Egg" in November of 2019 - a rollicking good time of angular, catchy songs. The duo of Dana Lipperman (guitar/vox) and Judd Anderman (drums) are extremely dynamic in their relationship on record, creating a massive sound between them with space for sunlight to shine through.

EIEIEIO is something of a Western Mass supergroup, with Max Goldstein (drums // Maxshh, Tundrastomper, Fred Cracklin), Sara Kochanski (bass // Wishbone Zoe) and Sam Brivic (guitar // Crimson Blue, Tundrastomper) coming together to make truly ecstatic, somewhat absurdist pop. Their body of work thus far, Great Siz, Gentle Spaniels, and Comforters has yielded extremely unpredictable and delightful results, with songs that usually contain an hour's worth of energy in a 90 second timespan.

***Tapes ship out September 1st***

Side A (Gorgeous):
1. Raindrop
2. Sweet Tooth

1. Odd Of Sitting Down
2. okokOK
3. Stainkillr
4. Westover Auto Salvage
5. Hand Fall Off For Good And