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Double Grave "Chrysanthemum" [CS] SAD064

"Chrysanthemum" is the new EP from stalwart Minneapolis trio Double Grave.

Jeremy Warden says: "Throughout 2018 and 2019 I was playing “solo with bass” sets around the midwest under the name Animal Actor. It started as a simple exercise but grew into a fun place to explore ideas I had outside the moving train of Double Grave. I had planned to keep it going as a way stay on the road during calendar gaps going forward, but when the first lockdown began in March 2020, I decided to absorb AA back into DG. Over the next month Seth and I took what songs I had from the project and recorded them “distanced style” together, and when we were done we had Chrysanthemum! To me Chrysanthemum is the love letter born from long drives and longer romances. It’s the note on the back of a Polaroid from a perfect day that you now hold somewhere safe and quiet. It’s what remains of time so full of magic for me that it had to spill out somewhere for posterity. And I hope that you enjoy it! - Jer"

Track List:
1. Kitchen Floor
2. Sounds Like You
3. Chrysanthemum
4. Across Montana
5. Jabber's Being Cute
6. On Tour