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This New Basement "Scatter" [CD] SAD067

"Scatter" is the third record from This New Basement (formerly Vishnu Basement) and their first since 2016's "Bulb". Spread across the US, This New Basement worked piecemeal on "Scatter", working with compositions that germinated in 2015, recording whenever possible over a four year period.

The result is a sprawling, elevated record that shows a maturation in the sound and style that they've so distinctively championed since 2013. The hypnotic "Cryptid" is reminiscent of the seminal "The Mythic Rot" from Bulb but with a newfound passion for futurism, and guest vocals from Freaking's Sam Robinson. ""I Don't Mind The Taste!"" is an absolute howler, and something of a new ethos for TNB. Marked by vocals from Landowner's Dan Shaw, it is a times nearly a straightforward punk song, and at other a lugubrious knee knocker. As is always the case, each song expresses a seemingly new modality, each member of the quartet repeatedly finding new ways to enmesh with their counterpart and the whole.

"Over the many years of writing, recording, and not writing or recording the songs that will end up on our third album, we had a lot of discussions about the name of our band, and about how we wanted to present the work. Although the name "Vishnu Basement" was originally inspired by the name of an ancient geological feature, over time we came to understand the ways in which the name might be received as an instance of appropriation, or at the least evocative of a tradition to which we have no real claim or connection. Ultimately, after much conversation amongst ourselves and with many others, we opted to change our name to avoid causing any hurt or confusion. We also love This New Basement, and feel like it's a very apt representation of the loss, transformation, and rebirth that the band has gone through in the past half a decade." - TNB

1. Zebra Speak
2. Cryptid
3. Warmtheningly
4. "I Don't Mind The Taste!"
5. Gaden St
6. Infinity Now