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Abi Reimold

Abi Reimold is the name and eponymous project of Abi Reimold, whose debut LP Wriggling received across the board praise. Building off of the success of 2014's Forget EP, Reimold honed her songwriting ability and chops into a amalgam of rock influences – huge riffs are countered by thoughtful phrases and lyrics that are firmly rooted an introspective tradition.

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AllegrA’s first self-titled record is perfect for laying in the grass or lounging on the couch, combining poppy guitar melodies with cozy bass tones. Front person and Philadelphia-native Allegra Eidinger creates an almost ethereal atmosphere with her dark, breathy vocals resting gently above floaty, interconnecting guitar parts. The record intentionally takes the listener on a dynamic roller coaster—perhaps a fast one but without any loops—with enough momentum built up to keep the ride engaging and enjoyable.

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bathtub cig

bathtub cig is the intimate depression pop project of Hilary James. Born in a Minneapolis bedroom the spring of 2017, it is an honest attempt at coping with her long struggle with mental health. She is joined by Jordan Bleau on drums, Brent Colbert on guitar and harmony, and Adelyn Strei on bass and harmony. Their debut EP “Old Light” draws easy comparisons to a synthier version of Frankie Cosmos, with bitingly raw lyrics.

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Big Fred

BIG FRED is the project of Conor McCann and Dylan Vaisey. Their first record <3Pals<3 is a phenomenal entry – loud and fast (just 9 minutes across 5 songs) it is a meaningful record that does not overstay its welcome. BIG FRED deal in the loud and cathartic music that lives like a personal journal – at once intimately relatable, while also deeply personal. <3Pals<3 is a deeply promising debut.

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BUCKET was born in a basement and pulls most of its influence from the grumble of a broken heating system, leaky brick walls and the ramble of Malkmus lyrics. Expect spiky guitar lines interweaved with guttural bass and drums. Expect a wall of noise with intricate glass figurines balanced on the edge. Expect it to be more accessible than you would like to admit. BUCKET is the ugly, charming little brother of the Pioneer Valley music scene and proud of it.

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Double Grave

Double Grave formed in late 2014 as the natural next step for three friends in Minneapolis. Theirs is a broad flavor of punk, tinged with pop and noise all while unafraid of a slow burning melody or sharp turn. Grounded in the honest and idol-free energy of basements across the country, there is a palpable determination and seriousness within the band, crafted over two relentless years of playing and recording. Their first LP “New Year’s Daydream” brought it all to a head, as they explored isolation, identity, romance, truth, and friendship.

The followup 7" "Empty Hands" (co-released with Forged Artifacts) saw the trio coalesce their sound into a polished noisy package, full of scuzz-infected songs that are simultaneously accessible and endlessly rewarding.

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Full Body

Full Body make an impression. The band's songs are built on sweeping dynamics, losing themselves in expansive structures and grandiose indie rock, hinging upon elements of post-hardcore, first wave emo, post-rock, and a hint of progressive rock. There's a sense of panic and quirkiness to it all, but the band's acrobatic instrumentals will forever steal the show.
-Dan Goldin, 2017.

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The project of Brittany Costa, Jack is an intuitive healing tool for both singer and listener, using raw lyrics and ranging sweet to sour in vocals and guitar tone to convey to its audience that they are not alone. With influences like Angel Olsen, Pile, and other stalwarts of the DIY/Indie world, Jack interfaces with contemporary guitar rock while telling stories purely of her own volition. Jack's music is heavy, beautiful, loud, and audacious -- ultimately not to be missed.

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Keeper started as the bedroom recording project of Marissa Lorusso. After she self-released an EP called Fawn in 2015, she was joined by Matt Lewicki on synth and Sam Piercy on guitar. Since then, they have played along the east coast with bands like Eskimeaux, Japanese Breakfast, Horse Jumper of Love, and Florist.

Keeper's music is built from a desire to translate big moods and small moments into guitar-driven indie rock. Salting, Keeper's first EP as a full band, was recorded over a weekend at Marissa’s childhood home. For this release, the band focused on experimenting with an expanded sound; as a result, its four songs maintain the intimacy of the early bedroom recordings while introducing new sonic textures.

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Lady Parts

"Lady Parts is a 3 piece group from Philadelphia, PA made up of Gracie Clements, Mary Rush, and Christine Oglesby. The band formed in 2014 after meeting at Temple University, where all of the girls attended school. Lady Parts began as a 4 piece acoustic group which brought together each girls’ original songs. Tessa, an original member, had to move home to Virginia, leaving the 3 current members.

The band collaboratively writes songs with an indie pop-punk vibe, once referred to as “punk-lite”, with a different lead vocalist every couple of songs and 3-part harmonies. The grrls also like to switch up their instruments every now and then. Michael Colavita of The Deli describes their music as “heartfelt, attitude-smeared rock that you’ll subconsciously replay throughout the day." Their song lyrics touch on feminist perspectives, romantic relationships, and the trials and tribulations of being a human in the world. Their sound is influenced by artists such as Girlpool, Waxahatchee, Blink 182 and also by gin and tonics and cats."

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Hailing from varying musical backgrounds and different local bands from Providence, Rhode Island, Lookers are something of a darkpop supergroup. Their unique and all-encompassing sound moves between dreamy lo-fi ballads to dance punk anthems with an air of anxious but determined revelry. Fronted by poet Muggs Fogarty and songwriter Rafay Rashid, Lookers fills out their sound with Bryan Fielding on drums, Nick Politelli on guitar, and Florence Wallis on bass. Their first EP, “Mirage” was released on November 9th, 2019.

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Mothpuppy is a young band from Baltimore making intimate and inquisitive music that belies their age. Songwriter and vocalist Morgan Murphy began recording songs in her dorm room at Goucher College before enlisting four friends to make Mothpuppy the dynamic five piece that it is today.

On their debut LP Cool & Pretty, the friends pair a scrappy DIY ethos with more classical elements (the album prominently features a violin), and play with rhythm and dynamics behind Morgan’s arresting vocals. With the release of “Cool & Pretty”, Mothpuppy showcases their technical ability, command of songwriting, and a startling emotional depth that stays with the listener long after the music ends.

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Hailing from New Jersey, punk trio Rita “espouse a true punk ethos, attacking thorny matters with an emotional rawness that grants the music an affirmative power” (via Impose). Theirs is dark-soul, living on the fringe of punk and mathy rock, but never feeling entirely comfortable in either.

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SUPERTEEN peddle a brew of psychedelic post-hardcore. Dark, phasered guitar lines underpin the barbaric yawps emitted from vocalists Sam Robinson and Meryl Schultz, while the rhythm section alternates between frantic cacophany and an eerie foreboding of things to come.

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Trophy Dad

Trophy Dad began in late 2014 as the dorm-room project of Abby Sherman and Jordan Zamansky in Madison, WI. After the release of their debut EP Shirtless Algebra Fridays in May 2015, drummer Justin Huber and guitarist Henry Stoehr joined the lineup. The EP’s lo-fi bedroom pop sound and conscious lyrics resonated with many in the Madison scene, and the band was able support the EP with opening spots for Porches, Frankie Cosmos, Girlpool, Car Seat Headrest, and Whitney. Trophy Dad premiered their most recent single, “Louis Sachar” right at the turn of 2017, receiving much online acclaim; the track was featured on Spotify’s “Fresh Finds” and Hype Machine’s “Stack” playlists, and earned the group a spot on Vinyl Me, Please’s “11 Bands to Watch in 2017.”

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Tundrastomper is four childhood friends who live in Western Mass and love it. They follow in the DIY tradition of writing, performing, and recording unconventional music in conventional basements. Their ever intriguing body of work to date spans 2 LPs, 1 EP, and an experimental tape (their latest) titled "For Steffen Only" is a caterwauling and expansive trip through the Tundrastomper organism. It is not to be missed, and it is unlike anything before it (and possibly after it, but who knows...!).

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Vishnu Basement

Vishnu Basement is a four-piece with an experimental bent. Combining aspects of prog, indie rock, and jazz, Vishnu Basement sculpt complex and layered soundscapes with crescendos of noise and melody.

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Floral Print

Fake Boyfriend
Aural Burrows

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