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Mulva "Bitter Form" [LP] SAD076

MULVA is the writing project of Providence-based musician Christina Puerto (Kal Marks, Bethlehem Steel), joined by frequent collaborators Adam Berkowitz, Carl Shane & Patrick Ronayne. While undeniably heavy, the group skirts most predetermined genre markers to create music that feels intuitive, delivering it urgently as a vehicle to explore themes of dread, rage, loss and hope. MULVA recorded their debut LP "Bitter Form" was recorded at Machines with Magnets with Seth Manchester and will be Released via Sad Cactus Records March 1 2024.

Track List:

1. Omni
2. Ward Them Off
3. Shouldn’t Fear The Seer
4. Stockpile
5. Son of a Mulva

6. Pray for Brains
7. Mother of Pearl
8. Lye
9. Mends
10. Melpomene