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stream SUPERTEEN's full album "Over Everything" via Post-Trash

hello! you can now stream SUPERTEEN's new album Over Everything in full via Post-Trash. This is one of the best albums we've ever put out, and one of the best things I've ever heard point blank.

Dan Goldin says: Opening with the blur of "On Dogs," the picture slowly comes into focus, disorienting your senses before exploding into a sugary sweet melody on top of an increasingly shaky ground. It's a blistering intro that has SUPERTEEN proving once again to expect the unexpected. There's a disarming sense of calm on "Leaks," a song that is slow to unravel, but does so with a majestic fury. Stinging guitars and stuttering polyrhythms crash around the doubled vocals of Sam Robinson and Meryl Schultz, their voices working together in ragged harmony and spastic abandon. From there, the carnage ensues, a sound that SUPERTEEN do better than most. There's a sense of unease that runs throughout Over Everything, an unnerving density to their structures, like a tornado running through a small town and everyone just shouting rather than taking cover.

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Posted on January 23rd, 2020