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SUPERTEEN "Over Everything" [CD] [CS] SAD041

SUPERTEEN's fourth LP "Over Everything" is a caterwauling, frenetic masterpiece that expands upon and refines the band's sound. Across 11 tracks, "Over Everything" finds SUPERTEEN unlocking new sounds, while sounding finally grown in their own abilities as musicians and lyricists. Clean excess has always been their hallmark sound, from the over-the-top beach punk sound of "Exponential SUPERTEEN" through 2015's wacko-revival "Isn't A Person", but here it manifests as unfettered adrenaline. "Sodium Pill," "Peace Line," and "The Chain Waltz" stand out as emblems of an album that is rife with unhinged songs -- uncompromising and enjoyable in every way.

SUPERTEEN "Over Everything" is due out February 23rd, 2018.