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Goodnight Daniel "Mountain" + new album March 1st

we are thrilled to welcome Richmond, VA's Goodnight Daniel to the label, and are truly excited for the release of their self-titled EP on March 1st.

The first single off the record "Mountain" premiered via Crafted Sounds:

"Inspired by jazz and Brazilian music, songwriter and guitarist Brett Jones makes quiet rock songs that moves listeners. "Mountain" in particular was composed intentionally "with lots of space... to invite you to focus on finding little magic moments" according to Jones. His method is quite effective. I was hooked immediately by his gentle strumming and soft vocals in the beginning. The end of "Mountain" took me home, if you will, as keys trickled between the drumming in the background."

You can listen to "Mountain" below:

The cassette is available through our store for pre-order:

Posted on January 23rd, 2020
"Thank You Lrrr, You're Welcome Maxshh:

We're extremely happy to finally let the "world" know that Tundrastomper's Max and Skyler released a split record today, each contributing four solo songs. Both sides are awash in their own beautiful spirit, and together they represent a truly beautiful long-standing bond between these two. This is one of the most special releases we've ever worked on, plainly put.

Thrin V writes: "Their latest offering, a split tape between drummer Max (Maxshh) and guitarist / vocalist Skyler (Lrrr) is endearingly called Thank You Lrrr, You’re Welcome Maxshh, and is a collection of songs written and recorded by both artists in the winter of 2014.

“The idea of the split as a way for us to release our solo music for the first time, but to do it together as a symbol of our friendship, is what has allowed us to ever get around to it,” Skyler told me in a brief interview. Some of the tracks carry some of the same trappings of the Tundrastomper discography, like their penchant for off-kilter time signatures and varied recording styles overlaid on each other, but this recording project shows the pair exploring ideas that transcend their band. Both musicians recorded every instrument on their respective sides entirely. All of the tracks on this album are quite short, the longest one clocking in at just over two minutes long, but despite its brevity the collection is as fully realized as it is wonderfully enigmatic."

You can read the rest here:

You can listen here:

You can buy a tape here:

Posted on January 23rd, 2020