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Maxshh new single "Song For Glob" + new full length out May 8

we're thrilled to announce our next release, an upcoming solo record from Maxshh (Fred Cracklin, Tundrastomper, Vishnu Basement, et al.) titled Half A Loaf and due out Friday, May 8th. The first single "Song For Glob" and its accompanying video can be seen below.

Half A Loaf is the first full length solo record from Maxshh (Max Goldstein), following 2018's debut split EP "Thank You Maxshh, You're Welcome Lrrr". Half A Loaf reveals a fully fleshed out version of what was peeking out on the debut: tender, loud songs that compassionately shred your brain and reassemble it better than before. There is something here for everyone, from the exceptional melodic opener "Song For Alien", to the freakout summer of "Spirit Go Alone", to the rendingly sweet "Song For Dad", Maxshh's virtuosity has never been more understated. Half A Loaf is a wholly unique 24 minutes, voracious and beautiful.

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Posted on April 27th, 2020
Fred Cracklin single "Brutal Tandem" premiere + new album Anxiety Kinship 4/10

we art thrilled to announce that we're working on Fred Cracklin's new record Anxiety Kinship. We will be releasing the record in a 12" LP format (rare for us, very exciting) alongside the great Midnight Werewolf Records.

The first single, "Brutal Tandem" premiered recently via Scene Point Blank. Writing about the single, Cracklin's own Max G explained:

"BT ended up with a bit of everything from our previous record—simple pounding riffage, goofy wobbling freakouts, precarious anxiety-induced speed, and of course guitar solos. But it also allowed new bits of dissonance, technicality, and *gasp* space! As a consequence of being that Cracklin buffet, it also references many of our favorite heavy metal idioms—blast beats, sludgy doom, and of course guitar solos. I think we were so excited to have crammed so many different ideas into one song that it encouraged us to quickly write the rest of the album and to keep it weird(er)."

You can hear "Brutal Tandem" above, and see the rest of the piece here.

You can pre-order the vinyl here:

Posted on February 27th, 2020