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second Gorgeous single "Material World" via Fecking Bahamas; Egg out November 8th

the wonderful folks at Fecking Bahamas shared the second single, "Material World" off of Gorgeous' upcoming record Egg.

Nikk Hunter says of "Material World":

"Gorgeous, the duo of Dana Lipperman and Judd Anderman, are masters of staccato, effortless engineers of the stop-start song structure. There is more silence than sound. You can feel the air between each snare hit, each guitar strum, each vocalised word. Gorgeous are in the league of bands like Palm, Requin and Mothers, bands who set out to be deconstructionists and indulge ashamedly in their experimentations with musical space."

You can read the rest of the piece here, and listen to "Material World" below.

Pre-order Egg here:

Posted on January 23rd, 2020
announcing "Egg" new record from Gorgeous out 11/8 + first single "Shed Boys"

We could not be more excited to announce our next release Egg, the debut LP from Brooklyn NY's Gorgeous, due out November 8th.

Across their debut album Egg, Dana Lipperman's dynamic guitar is a destabilizing force, rarely settling into a comfortable groove, and often perilously pushing forward while being pulled back by Judd Anderman's grounding drumming. The first single "Shed Boys" enumerates this: Lipperman's guitar is a squall enveloping the relentless drumming, furiously articulating the pathos behind Lipperman's lyrics. The song burns brightly from the outset, bursting with the resolute confidence of a young band that knows exactly what they are trying to say. Drums and guitar churn emphatically, while Lipperman’s glowing vocals bounce in and out of the storm. Gorgeous’s music has a sort of urgent intensity to it, as if there is something that the band needs to share. If this righteous opener is any indication of what’s to come, we can’t wait to hear what it is. (-Ben Parra)

Listen to "Shed Boys" here:

Gorgeous, the duo of Dana Lipperman and Judd Anderman, began in 2017 but first met many years earlier, in 6th grade science class with Mr. Holland back in the pre-aughts. A shared love of weird, rippin' music brought them together and drove them apart many times before this current, particular alchemy was achieved.

You can pre-order Egg here:

Pre-order a digital copy of the record at their bandcamp:

"Shed Boys" is available to stream where ever streams are strum.

Posted on January 23rd, 2020