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Fitness new EP "Astare" out 11/5 - new single "Astare" out now

we're very excited to announce that the new Fitness EP Astare will be coming out Friday, November 5th! The first single "Astare" is streaming now via Fitness' bandcamp, and you can listen below.

On their newest EP, Fitness push further into the propulsive sound that they refined on 2020's Full Well. Building off of the momentum from Full Well, they refine their distinctive post-whatever cadences and here reveal an entirely cohesive four tracks, a release that shows the band growing into themselves and sounding truly confident in their songwriting. The titular lead single "Astare" is a taut three minutes and has an effortless and almost maybe avant-Is This It energy. It is a remarkable piece of songwriting that carries Keanan Swan-Azmon's yearning lyricism and coheres it into an astonishing package. Stay tuned for more soon!

You can pre-order Astare here and receive a limited edition zine with the release: