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new Jack single "A Kick A Knife" + new album 3/1

we're thrilled to announce that we're working with Buffalo NY's Jack, on their new record Alchemical Rounds, due out 3/1. the first song off of the record, "A Kick A Knife" premiered today via Stereogum -- and its an absolute do not miss.

James Rettig says: It’s a breathtaking expanse, and Costa’s voice is a fierce weapon that’s both defiant and weary. “There’s this big great feeling/ That there’s more than just accepting,” she sings. “A lie of a life you’re tired of living/ A sad voice in your mind you stop believing.” The song peaks and valleys with a magnificent chugging, like the grinding of an old machine, and whenever it threatens to collapse on its own weight, Costa pulls back just before the breaking point.

You can hear the song below, and read the rest of the piece here:

Alchemical Rounds is out 3/1, purchase a CD or a tape here:

Posted on February 5th, 2018
new SUPERTEEN single "Sodium Pill" + new album "Over Everything" 2/23

SUPERTEEN are back! we're thrilled to announce their new record Over Everything will be out 2/23, and today we're sharing the first single from the record "Sodium Pill" via Goldflakepaint.

Tom Johnson says: "the band’s new cut bursting in to life and staying there, golden and glorious, as the guitars swell and Sam Robinson and Meryl Schultz throw their voices all over that knotty and dramatic bedrock, the call-and-response stance of the vocals making for a thrilling burst of energy you can only do your best to keep up with."

Stream "Sodium Pill" below, and check out the rest of the piece via GFP here:

You can pre-order a cassette or a CD here:

Posted on January 22nd, 2018