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Gorgeous new record "Sapsucker" out 6/2 + first single "Raindrop" out now

at long last! we are thrilled to announce Gorgeous' second full length record today, along with the first (bangin) single from the record. Sapsucker will be out June 2nd, and it is a marked step forward for the Brooklyn duo. we are (obviously) huge Gorgeous fans and I think they're making some of the most interesting, wild music in the city right now. Extremely dynamic and fun and engaging, and this record does a wonderful job of capturing what makes them so cool. we're so high on this one!

Stream "Raindrop" here:

Gorgeous writes fractured and fragmented - and here, on their second long-playing album ‘Sapsucker’, richly fermented - songs about technological dread, literal and figurative monsters, liars, dreamers, and true believers, and other things too. They make love songs for deep fakes in occasional odd time. They call themselves a pop band because rock is dead and experimental noise punk in half and waltz and quintuple shuffle time is a hard sell. Or at least it often felt that way when they started the band back in 2017, as a challenge to convention and conventional meter, and a dare to one another.

Made in virtual isolation with close collaborator, mixer-producer-sound whisperer Michael DiSanto for much of 2020 and 2021 - albeit with a number of breaks and near breakdowns, Sapsucker builds on the strengths of Gorgeous’ previous releases and frequently conjures the raw kinetic energy of the pair’s live show. Clearly emboldened by the flattering distortions and reverberations contrived by their engineer (enabler?) via his precise and exacting control of their hermetic yet cheerfully contaminated acoustical environment, the group have advanced in ambition and achievement on this recording.

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Posted on April 26th, 2023
Free Casino debut record "Beggar's Pitch" out 4/14 + first single "Slam Dunk Highlights" out now

ahhhh we've been waiting to announce this one for a while and we could not be more excited that the day has come! Rochester/Brooklyn trio Free Casino will be releasing their debut record Beggar's Pitch on April 14th, 2023 - this record absolutely rules, and i am biased but would say it fully is "that sad cactus shit".

The first single "Slam Dunk Highlights" is out today streaming and here:

Sad Cactus Records · Slam Dunk Highlight

and on s*otify here:

Beggar’s Pitch, the first full-length album by Free Casino is the culmination of a two year journey that finds the band disposing of all musical inhibitions. Formed in 2019 in Rochester, and now residing in Brooklyn, Free Casino dare their audience to grow with them as their songs buckle and weave through every turn.

Presently, the three-piece draws liberally from the angular, playfulness of 90’s alternative rock, as well as the jagged fringes of contemporary post-punk. With a dense interlocking guitar sound married to casual pop sensibility, Free Casino’s unlikely approach on Beggar’s Pitch yields results that are equal parts catchy and abrasive. The lyric-crafting, too, speaks to the emotional range in the group’s writing. Vocalists Jake Denning and Sean Saville trade roles as absurdist narrators, existing at an ironic distance from their caricatures. Wavering from disaffected, to contrition, to plain boredom, the stories told through these lyrics carry a rhythm of their own.

Listeners will find Beggar’s Pitch to be an organic evolution of Free Casino’s sound prior. Tracks like ‘Slam Dunk Highlights’ showcase the band’s ability to heel-turn between contemplative and manic moods. ‘Search Engine,’ on the other hand, forces an incessant urgency, propelling the track to its nerve-wracking climax. The voice of Free Casino on Beggar’s Pitch can never be taken so seriously—but the trio’s range should be.

Pre-order the tape here:

Posted on March 14th, 2023