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EIEIEIO "Gentlemen, Stop!" out 12/2 + first single "Mower" out now

over the damn moon to announce our next release, EIEIEIOs newest blammo masterpiece Gentlemen, Stop! out December 2nd, 2022. the first single, "Mower" is out today via the only good website left: Post-Trash.

Post-Trash says:

There are more ideas packed into your average EIEIEIO single than many dare to attempt on an album. If most popular music is relatively boring, than the Western MA trio of Max Goldstein (Maxshh, Rong, Fred Cracklin), Zosia Kochanski (Wishbone Zoe), and Sam Brivic (Crimson Blue, Tundrastomper) are a long way from pop, and despite some profound complexity, EIEIEIO’s sound is a vision of what pop could be. You just need to believe. The band aren’t making complicated music for the sake of making complicated music, but the three musicians push one another, exploring their capabilities as it relates to the songs. With brevity always at the forefront, EIEIEIO create tangled music that never feels grandiose or overthought.

You can watch the video for "Mower" (dir. Gabe Camarano) here:

You can pre-order the cassette (+ t-shirt bundles!) here:

And follow EIEIEIO's new instagram here:

Posted on November 15th, 2022
Crimson Blue "Limiter" out friday 5/20 + stream "Gut Spiller" now

hello! extremely excited here to be annoucing that we're releasing Crimson Blue (Sam Brivic of Eieieio and Tundrastomper)'s newest solo effort Limiter this Friday, May 20th. This record is an absolute delight, full of unexpected moments and genuine beauty, and an honest document of a moment in Sam's life. It is fun and weird and a true joy to listen to.

The first single "Gut Spiller" is streaming now - you can listen here:

Sad Cactus Records · Crimson Blue -- "Gut Spiller"

Sam on Limiter:

Limiter is my companion to the spring in Hadley, MA. Written and recorded from February to June 2020, pretty much anything I saw in the world was a welcome and immediate excuse to make music: the cardinal that ceaselessly pecks my roommate's car, an old-fashioned doughnut on the table, or the otter (was it an otter?) that glides along the CT river.

While previous Crimson Blue releases were whittled from an array of recordings in my computer's nooks and crannies, the sound and chronology on Limiter is more focused. I had recently picked up a saxophone—my first time since retiring from middle school band. Though I had largely forgotten how to play, my excitement for the “new” instrument led to a different musical approach that relied more on loops, programmed drums, and driving bass lines. Suddenly I felt like a bar mitzvah DJ fussing about, summoning the mundane to the dance floor. I know, I know, but hey, it kept me entertained! All in all, Limiter is no different than any other Crimmy album: goofy and occasionally gloomy tunes about minutia and more.

Limiter will be out digitally Friday, to purchase on the Crimson Blue bandcamp here:

and streamable anywhere streams are strum.

Posted on May 16th, 2022