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2016 is nearly, thankfully over, but there were some incredible tunes

hello -- like everyone else, we feel that the end of the year is a goood time to look back and see how blessed with good tunes we've been, and for an otherwise immensely shit year, we've been unbelievably lucky to get to work with the people we did this year.

this year gave us everything from SUPERTEEN and Vishnu Basement (the bands who comprised our first two releases ever in way back in 2014!) to the chance to finally work with old friends Quarrels, Off Drugs, and Ideal Husband, to an absolutely jaw dropping group of new friends and unbelievable musicians in Abi Reimold, Rita Fishbone, BIG FRED, darkturn, Fern Mayo, floral print, and (rip) Fake Boyfriend.

you can find all of these albums digitally and physically here:

thank you to everyone who bought a tape, or streamed a song.

see you in 2017!

Posted on December 20th, 2016
Fern Mayo EP "Hex Signs" on cassette out now + new video

We're extraordinarily excited to announce that we're issuing Fern Mayo's EP Hex Signs on a physical format for the first time! Hex Signs is a continuation of the incredible debut Katie Capri and Fern Mayo released back in October of 2015, and one of the best records to have been made this year, and the cassette features a new song "SS Ari" exclusive to the physical release. The Hex Signs cassette comes out today, alongside a new video for "New Ketamine" that premiered on The Le Sigh.

"Katie Capri’s songwriting carries the intimacy and openness of an emotionally packed vignette, allowing the listener into the scribbled margins of her diary. . . Capri conjures power within every line she speaks. Her soft chants build into an anthemic roar as she sings, “What would you do different / If you knew you wouldn’t get everything they promised / If you just stay stay still a bit longer.” - Abbie Jones (for The Le Sigh)

The cassette is available at any live shows and here:

You can see the video and read the full piece here:

Fern Mayo's Upcoming Tour Dates:

December 10 @ All Nite Diner, Philadelphia *

December 14 @ Silent Barn, Brooklyn ~Tape Release Show~

January 5 @ Shea Stadium, Brooklyn

January 11 Montclair, NJ @ tbd ^

January 12 Washington, DC @ Comet Ping Pong ^

January 13 Philadelphia @ All Nite Diner ^

January 14 tbd

January 15 Albany, NY @ Relief Theater ^

January 16 Burlington, VT @ Monkey House ^

January 17 Northampton, MA @ Flywheel ^

January 18 Boston @ Middle East Upstairs ^

January 19 Brooklyn @ Silent Barn ^


^ with Human People

Posted on December 9th, 2016
Abi Reimold named one of Stereogum's "40 Best New Bands of 2016"

Abi Reimold was named one of Stereogum's "40 Best New Bands of 2016," for her incredible first full length record Wriggling. Gabriella Claymore (of Stereogum) says of Abi:

"The first thing you notice when you listen to Abi Reimold’s debut full-length, Wriggling, is her voice. It starts in lilting falsetto and sinks to a low and grating rasp the moment Reimold’s songs start to sound too pretty. Wriggling is a rock n’ roll tempest, a series of songs about growing up and fucking up and seeking something undefined. It’s a humbly-produced album that proves Reimold has the potential to grow into something much, much bigger."

We agree on every front, and could not be happier to have worked on Wriggling with Abi. You can stream the album on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, or wherever else music is found.

You can see the full (amazing!) list of artist here: "Stereogum's 40 Best New Bands of 2016"

Posted on November 1st, 2016
welcoming floral print to the family

we're extremely excited to welcome atlanta, georgia's floral print to the sad cactus family! we're even more excited to announce that we are reissuing their first album "woo" (which has received an excellent remix from graham tavel) along with a few assorted digital singles. this is the first time that all of their material will be together.

listen to a premiere of a newly remixed track HERE via The Alternative

pre-order the tape SAD028 HERE via our store

they're hitting the road at the end of the month, and you can catch them at these dates with the tapes in tow:

October 29 — Atlanta, GA [The Sewing Room]
October 30 — Knoxville, TN [The Pilot Light]
October 31 — Raleigh, NC [Radioshack]
November 1 — Richmond, VA [The Underground Orchard]
November 2 — Washington, DC [LTTL]
November 3 — Philadelphia, PA [Baird Mansion Atrium]
November 4 — Philadelphia, PA [All Night Diner]
November 5 — Brooklyn, NY [*house show*]
November 6 — Brooklyn, NY [Shea Stadium]
November 7 — Providence, RI [Aurora]
November 8 — Boston, MA [TBD]
November 9 — Albany, NY [Relief Theater]
November 10 — Oberlin, OH [Big Blue]
November 11 — Chicago, IL [Subterranean]
November 12 — Cincinnati, OH [The Comet]
November 13 — Nashville, TN [DRKMTTR]

Posted on October 14th, 2016