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watch Double Grave "Laetitia" via Post-Trash + new 7" EP "Empty Hands"

very very happy to announce our next record, Double Grave's new 7" EP Empty Hands, due out April 27th! the first song off of the EP is "Laetitia" which the wonderful folks at Post-Trash were kind enough to premiere! we're doing this release as a shared release with new friends over at Forged Artifacts. they're handling the cassettes, we're handling the vinyl.

Dan G says: "First single "Laetitia" is packed with sun soaked melodies, the guitars ranging from blistering to aggressively scrappy. The thing cracks with each dense hit, a pummeling bit of grinding noise-pop-centric fun, each new distorted layer more glorious than the last. The syrupy vocals stretch out with each syllable, pulling gently like slow drying glue. The video captures the band playing underwater (probably not recommended for your instruments) as the lyrics move across the screen with animations that waver in the tide. The songs addresses our current political climate and the inability to escape it all."

hell yeah! you can read the rest of the piece here:

you can pre-order the Empty Hands 7" (with lots of perks!) here:

Posted on March 30th, 2018