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stream Tundrastomper's new album "O" via Post-Trash

Tundrastomper's second full length, O, is streaming today via Post-Trash. The record is a phenomenal and finely wrought 37 minutes of post-prog, hook-y fun, full of twists and bends and anything but what you'd expect. It is unlike any other record you will hear.

From Post-Trash: "O is undoubtedly progressive, reconstructing elements of jazz fusion, psych, bubbling dream-pop, beachy math rock, and slacker punk into something that's both dizzying, explosive and still reserved in temperament. There are enough peaks and valleys to make anyone a bit queasy, but Skyler Lloyd's (vocals/guitar) melodies create a consistent calm, a balance to the sonic splendor crashing all around them, leveling the madness."

You can stream the record, and read the rest of the piece here:

You can buy the record here: