sad cactus
Candy Andy + Crimson Blue split record "You and Me" out now everywhere

We're delighted to have released a split record from the immense talents of Tundrastomper's Andrew Jones (Candy Andy) and Sam Brivic (Crimson Blue). This incredibly sweet and good record follows in the footsteps of 2018's Thank You Lrrr, You're Welcome Maxshh a split from Tundrastomper's other two members.

You and Me
is a delightful, wild romp through the psychies of Sam and Andrew, from the freakout-jazz of "Self-Made Man (ft. Olivia W-B)", assisted by the excellent work of Rong's Olivia W-B, of to the glowing lo-fi of "I Geese". There is noteworthy harmony between the two sides of the record; Andy's meditations on small moments mirror those of Sam's but manifest in remarkably different and equally gorgeous ways. "Satisfying Chords" is a darkly funny entry in the Sad Cactus oeuvre, not a subtweet at all, and true to its title. "Solid Rock" is a rending two-plus-minutes of songwriting, followed by the equally moving "I'm Still Learning," an ode to being stupid as all shit, something I personally identify with very strongly. Could also be about grad school; regardless it is a standout that blends influences into a singular sonic palate. "Styrofoam Hoam" is a perfect song, especially, it must be said, in this Halloween season. There is nothing missing here, these are eloquent expressions of existence and I cherish them.

I guess I don't have to be "objective" or whatever here - this isn't a blog; I love this record and I love the idea of making something with your closest friend(s). The music is great, and the ideology is even firmer - this is what counts when general existence is currently so circumscribed. You and Me rocks, in so many ways.

You can purchase a copy of the record via either Candy Andy's bandcamp, or Crimson Blue's. All proceeds go to the Pioneer Valley Workers Center. The record is available to stream anywhere streams are strum.