sad cactus
Powerwasher new album 8/14 + first single "I Made A Painting"

We are so excited to have finally announced the next record we're working on, the first from Baltimore/Atlanta band Powerwasher. This record is an absolute stunner, melodic and loud, and absolutely perfect for the chaotic and overdue collective reckoning of the current moment. Formed in 2019 by four Baltimore transplants, Powerwasher delivers a fresh take on post-punk and post-hardcore. Catchy math riffs weave seamlessly between sustained grooves, punctuated by energetic, noisy breakdowns. Jittery drums and pounding bass lock-in with jagged guitars and erratic vocal outbursts for a sound that teeters on the edge of being pulled apart under the strain of its own momentum. The Power of Positive Washing comes out August 14th on cassette and wide digital release.

The great first single, "I Made A Painting" debuted last week via the good folks at Idioteq. You can read the piece and stream the song here. "I Made A Painting" is now available to stream anywhere streams are strum as well. Spotify here.

The (very very cool looking) tape is available to pre-order here: