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new split EP from Squitch & Wet Mut -- due out June 7th

we're very excited to announce our next release, a split EP between Boston's Squitch, and Brooklyn's Wet Mut, due out June 7th. These two bands are beyond excellent in their own right, and an unrivaled joy when paired together. The first two song's of the split "Chamomileon" and "The Swimmer" premiered last week via our favorite friends at Post-Trash. Nathan Keele Springer had to say about them:

"Squitch is a wonderfully herky-jerky power trio from Boston. You can hear the influence of the Boston/Providence house show circuit in their sound- the vocals are strained with emotion, and the arrangements are brash, abrasive, and catchy. “Chamomileon,” one of their offerings from the split, is beautiful and noisy, shifting between its riff-centric chorus and more loose-sounding verses. The half-subdued pace of the song swings into a punk coda before abruptly stopping and leaving you wondering what else they have up their sleeves.

Wet Mut has had a couple of consistent members, but has also included a rotating cast of players from Providence, RI bands such as Beverly Tender, Edgar Clinks, and Older Brother. The pop-experimentalism of these bands can be heard in Wet Mut, but they are entirely their own beast. “The Swimmer” is a beautiful slow jam with an incredibly memorable vocal delivery. Understated synths blend with pretty, sparse guitar before the drums come in and eventually everything culminates in a brief, ecstatic instrumental break before the songs melts into a kaleidoscopic outro."

You can read the rest of the piece here:

You can hear the two songs here:

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