sad cactus


Egg is a whirling dervish of a record from the duo of Dana Lipperman and Judd Anderman. Across Egg, the dynamic guitar of Lipperman is a destabilizing force, rarely settling into a comfortable groove, and often perilously pushing forward while being pulled back by Anderman's grounding drumming. The first single "Shed Boys" enumerates this: Lipperman's guitar is a squall enveloping the relentless drumming, furiously articulating the pathos behind Lipperman's lyrics. Building on contemporaries like Palm, Krill, Pile, and Rong, Gorgeous began in 2017 but first met many years earlier, in 6th grade science class with Mr. Holland back in the pre-aughts. A shared love of weird, rippin' music brought them together and drove them apart many times before this current strange alchemy was achieved.