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new Double Grave song + video

GoldFlakePaint have premiered the new song and video "All My Heroes" off of their upcoming record New Year's Daydream out April 28th.

Tom Johnson of GFP says:

"Punctuated by an ever-shifting set of illustrations, the result is a striking display of colours and shapes that leap out of the otherwise greying world cut out of the song itself."

read the rest of the piece here:

and pre-order the 12" LP here:

Posted on March 29th, 2017
hello Bucket! + Bouquet EP

coming hot out of western Mass, we're excited to welcome Bucket to the roster, and announce that their new EP Bouquet will be out March 31st. The first song, "Glue Gate" is streaming now, courtesy of the Pioneer Valley Underground.

Andrew Wang: “Gluegate” kicks off with textural guitar work reminiscent of classic American lo-fi band Swirlies; interludes of feedback and whammy dives provide a perfect backdrop for vocalist Will Meyer’s sharp sing-spoken delivery. All the noisy atmospherics and slidey noodling belie a rather unconventional song structure. The first chorus doesn’t come in until halfway through, and the track peaks with the guitars continuing to meander into a perfectly off kilter solo."

Pre-order their record here:

Posted on March 22nd, 2017