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Lookers new single "Depressed" + new album 11/9

we're very excited to be working on the debut record from Providence, RI's Lookers. Their first single "Depressed" premiered last week via The Alternative. It has received subsequent coverage from Post-Trash and NPR.

Dan Goldin of Post-Trash writes: "Sad Cactus Records have a real knack at finding great bands before anyone else is talking about them, and Providence’s Lookers are no exception. Set to release their debut EP, Mirage, on November 9th, the band’s first single “Depressed” is locked in from the very start, a circular groove bounces along with hypnotic energy before the gnashing vocals add an element of aggression. Muggs Fogarty voice ranges between sweet warble and agitated howl, both soothing and commanding, winding together with the tangled slow burn of the guitars. The song grows more caustic as it unfolds, a wash of noise permeating their brash post-punk, only to emerge deeper into their impenetrable rhythm."

Stream "Depressed" here:

You can pre-order the cassette here:

Posted on January 23rd, 2020
new ep from Minneapolis' Bathtub Cig + stream first single via Phluff

we are thrilled to announce our next release, a gem of an ep from Minneapolis' Bathtub Cig! their ep Old Light is out June 29th, but the first single "All Bummer No Summer" has premiered via

described by Delaney Motter of Phluff as "offering a glimmer of solace in a gloomy atmosphere," "All Bummer No Summer" is a moment of facing the demons of our existence, and merely attempting to survive.

you can see the rest of the piece here:

and you can pre-order the cassette here:

Posted on January 23rd, 2020