sad cactus

Lrrr "Whose News?" [CS] SAD052

This rendingly gorgeous collection of songs is the first solo record from Lrrr, aka Skyler Lloyd, guitarist/singer of Tundrastomper. A quiet and forceful record, "Whose News?" is a novel; filled with delightful, wrenching, beautiful, and otherworldly moments sometimes all wrapped up in a 2-minute package.

Lrrr: "Whose News? was written and recorded in my bedrooms in Easthampton, and Hadley, Massachusetts sporadically between spring 2018 and early 2019. The songs feel to me like abstract journal entries, encapsulating meaningful and mundane thoughts, seasonal changes, depression, gratitude, etc. I’m glad these little snippets happened to fit together decently and I’m excited to pass them on to whomever may enjoy them."