sad cactus

Tundrastomper "Clean It Up" [CS] SAD044

Tundrastomper are back! "Clean It Up," the new EP from Western Mass' favorite skronk denizens showcases, as always, an elevation of their form. Forever adhered to the Tundra-constant deluge of tone and speed, while ever floating further into the realm of beauty and spaced out nonsense, "Clean It Up" is their most refined work to date. Its really not a good one to miss out on.

"From the first shuffling moments of album opener "Sweet Baby Boy" to the close of "Patch It Up," the band opt out of playing it "cool," instead indulging the listener (and themselves) with a blizzard of convulsing rhythms and guitars that cut directly through the tangled splendor. Sonic freakouts abound, and every song takes its own approach to their madness. "Sweet Baby Boy" has a collapsing free jazz vibe, dropping in and out of technical bliss (seriously, the rhythm section is unbelievable), switching between tempos and movements in the blink of an eye. "How Very Nice" opts for a deranged sort of pop approach, grinding out liquid rhythms and elastic riffs with a sunny vibe, occasionally taking an opportunity to smash everything directly into a wall or two." -- Dan Goldin, Post-Trash