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stream Tundrastomper's new album "O" via Post-Trash

Tundrastomper's second full length, O, is streaming today via Post-Trash. The record is a phenomenal and finely wrought 37 minutes of post-prog, hook-y fun, full of twists and bends and anything but what you'd expect. It is unlike any other record you will hear.

From Post-Trash: "O is undoubtedly progressive, reconstructing elements of jazz fusion, psych, bubbling dream-pop, beachy math rock, and slacker punk into something that's both dizzying, explosive and still reserved in temperament. There are enough peaks and valleys to make anyone a bit queasy, but Skyler Lloyd's (vocals/guitar) melodies create a consistent calm, a balance to the sonic splendor crashing all around them, leveling the madness."

You can stream the record, and read the rest of the piece here:

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Posted on July 5th, 2017
Tundrastomper announce new album + new song "O Translucent Animal"

Tundrastomper have announced their second LP, the follow up to 2014's Victory. In the years since the quartet have released an album they've moved from their childhood home of Ardsley, NY to the fecund arts scene in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts. It is there that they laid the groundwork for, and eventually recorded, O, their sophomore record. O is a heady blend of cloudcast punk and esoteric sizzle -- rarely does the record shy away from being its fullest self, and yet it registers as one of the most dynamic records of the year. Tundrastomper are an original part of the Sad Cactus family, and we could not be happier to present this record.

GoldFlakePaint premiered the first single off of the record "O Translucent Animal" today, saying: "[O Translucent Animal is] playful and punchy, with the occasional ambient retreat which lends a weird sheen to the whole thing. . . intrepid instrumental dashing through a series of warped set-pieces while that somewhat dulled lead vocal skips around the protruding shapes and sounds with a graceful stumble."

You can read the rest of Tom's kind words here:

You can pre-order the record here:

Posted on June 9th, 2017